I grew up farming, but nine years ago, I gave up a rural lifestyle in favor of traveling the country with my family. In those nine years we, saw amazing sights, learned a lot and had a blast. From driving across the Golden Gate Bridge to driving the Marias Pass in the dark, in the snow, in a motorhome, to chilling by the ocean in Galveston, for a while we had nearly constant adventures. In 2015, we finally made it to all 48 continental states, finishing the list with a whirlwind tour of New England. And so, having seen many sights, and had many adventures, it feels like it is finally time to come home.

As my family gets back into farming there are a couple things that we consider indispensable.

We believe that stewardship of the land is one of the major roles of farmers, we are striving towards a farm that is self sustaining. We have a long, long way to go, but that is the end goal. Farming has changed drastically in the past seventy years, and plenty of the changes were not for the best. Sadly, there are many people who do not even remember or think about the fact that before modern farming there was anything else worth saving. Our hope is to work towards more traditional ways of farming in the hope of preserving aspects of farming that do not deserve to be lost.

We believe that animals deserve to live their lives in an environment that lets them do thing things that come naturally to them–to dig and graze and scratch and hunt to their hearts’ content. Our pens and shelters are designed to allow the animals ample space and freedom to be happy.

And with those things


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