Don’t get mad, plant the Glads.

As part of diversifying our farm, we decided to grow flowers this year. During the process of deciding we remember that not only has my dad always enjoyed Gladiolus, he could find a really good deal on a thousand bulbs.

So we started planting, putting a new batch int the ground every week and a half, and they’ve been coming up pretty well.

And then we realized we’d made a huge mistake.

We dutifully opened up the first box of bulbs and got them settled in a cool dry place, but we neglected to open the second box and take out the foam insulation. Over the course of several weeks of weather fluctuations, the environment inside that box apparently became pretty good for bulb sprouting. So, today was our emergency “plant a whole lot of Glads day.”

Hopefully the sprouted bulbs will continue to grow as they have begun, and all will be well. And of course, if that hope holds out, we look forward to a nice sale on Gladiolus in late June.