Into the Woods


It’s been fairly quiet around here lately, with things mostly just holding steady. Despite the slightly stagnant feel, though things have ben growing rapidly, which means, of course, that they’ll need more room.

The ducklings have been upgraded from their larger pen to an even larger one, and the chicks have moved into the ducks’ abandoned pen. The baby rabbits have outgrown their enclosure as well, and they’ll be moving up in the next few days.

The pigs are also rapidly outgrowing their area, and that’s a rather more complicated issue. Because they get a lot bigger than ducks. And they make a big mess. And they can be obnoxious.

So the plan for them is that their next move will be out into the woods.

Our entire property is fenced, but after a series of storms, the fence is looking pretty rough.

While the clean up of the fence is happening, the pigs are being trained to respect electric fencing. Pigs are notorious for breaking through, breaking down, or just escaping from their enclosures, and the easiest way to keep them at home, safe and sound, is an electric fence. They learn quickly with the right setup, so there’s little stress on them, and the rest of the farm is surprisingly quiet with the pigs securely in their own corner.

Once the outer fence is secure and the pigs have been trained, we will start blocking off sections of the forest parts of our land for the pigs to work on.



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