New Additions

Tuesday we got our last planned new additions for a little while  when we brought home 13 mostly grown chickens–3 Cuckoo Marans, 3 Americaunas, 6 Australorps, and a Delaware  rooster–along with some two week old chicks.

It was a long drive to get the chicks and a few of them did not make the journey–they got too hot or too cold or the stress was just too much for them since they had lived a pretty unexciting life up until then. Four others were doing poorly when we got them home, but despite looking like they were at death’s door, all four were able to pull through and are doing just fine.


Bob checking on the baby chicks. Ironically the dog who is too rough and excitable 90% of the time is perfect around baby poultry.

And we got our first farm fresh egg from one of the Americaunas.


When we first got the pigs, I started growing fodder–sprouted seeds–for them. The idea is to increase the nutritional content of the seeds and also to make grain last longer. One pound of grain makes several pounds of fodder.

Tuesday afternoon the pigs got their first real batch of fodder, and they certainly seemed to enjoy it.

The rabbits and chickens also get fodder.


Hmm….Is this tasty? Yes. Yes it is. 



Why are you making that box click at me when I’m trying to enjoy my meal?

The ducklings got their first taste yesterday and devoured it in about ten seconds. The chicks didn’t see much green food for the first two weeks of their lives, so they were a little bit afraid of it, but eventually they figured it out and gobbled it up.

We’ve been using wheat seeds so far but I’ve started some Black oil sunflower seeds for added nutrition, and we will also probably throw in some millet and oats for variety. Since the rabbits, pigs, and chickens all get the fodder at different stages, I’ll have to work out the best way to make the system work for all of them.


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